Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dogs Are Individuals

If you think you can predict a dog's behavior solely on its looks what what breed type you think it is, think again.

Infographic: All Dogs are Individuals
by Animal Farm Foundation

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama Bungles His Way To Peace

After Secretary of State John Kerry went off-script and unintentionally opened the door to a diplomatic dialog on Syria, and after the State Department tried walking back Kerry's remarks, and after the world said that Kerry said what he said, and after Obama realized that the world and the country were not behind his desire for war with Syria, and after Russia -- seeking to take a lead in international politics again -- stepped up and called the Obama administration out on Syria, we have arrived at an uncomfortable place but one that most of the world would rather have than war.

So, we've bungled ourselves to, hopefully, a peaceful solution. In the mean time, we've also managed to destroy a huge chunk of credibility within our country and in the international community. It's exposed that after 6 years on the job it's still amateur hour in the White House. It shows that Obama's cult of personality has waned and he can no longer affect the change he wants simply by schmoozing. It shows that without that cult of personality, President Obama is ineffectual in convincing Congress, the American people, and our friends and allies in the world of a path.

Syria Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Barack Obama

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why We Shouldn't Go To War In Syria

Senator Rand Paul echoes my sentiments exactly. According to his op-ed on,

If American interests are at stake, then it is incumbent upon those advocating for military action to convince Congress and the American people of that threat. Too often, the debate begins and ends with an assertion that our national interest is at stake without any evidence of that assertion. The burden of proof lies with those who wish to engage in war.

Bashar Assad is clearly not an American ally. But does his ouster encourage stability in the Middle East, or would his ouster actually encourage instability?

Are the Islamic rebels our allies? Will they defend American interests? Will they acknowledge Israel’s right to exist? Will they impose Shari‘a? Will they tolerate Christians, or will they pillage and destroy ancient Christian churches and people?

The President and his Administration have not provided good answers to any of these questions. Those who seek military action have an obligation to publicly address these concerns before dragging our soldiers into another Middle Eastern war. Shooting first and aiming later has not worked for us in the past, and it should not be our game plan now.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama The Misguided Neocon?

After an apparent nerve gas attacke purportedly by the Syrian government against a rebel stronghold, President Obama is beating the war drum. Sure, he says it will be a "quick strike". However, with the region already unstable, it could turn into more.

But way, it gets worse. If we strike the Syrian government, we are aligning ourselves with the al Qaeda backed rebels.

Think about that.

The same terrorist organization that killed thousands of innocent Americans nearly 12 years ago will, implicitly, be our ally.

Think about that again.

Iran has said that if we do attack Syria, they are attacking Israel. Yet, Obama is ready to go.

Think about that.

One of our closest and strongest allies in the region is being threatened if we launch an attack that we DO NOT need to launch. The atrocities in Syria do not warrant an attack by the US. It does not threaten our national security. It is a tragedy of humanity, but not a reason to go to war. Especially when countries in the region have already lined themselves up against our ally. Yet, Obama is ready to go.

Think about that again.

Why do we need to attack Syria at all? This is a Syrian issue. Let Syria handle it. To choose sides in this conflict is to choose between Evil and Evil. It's a non-winner. We should stay out of it.

But we won't. Obama is coming to peace with his neocon self and is ready to use our military might for nebulous goals.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Situational Outrage

Had this been a George W. Bush mask, things would be quite different.

In (partial) defense of the Missouri rodeo clown

Our country has a long history of mocking presidents. As soon as we go from respecting the rights of people to disagree with our political leaders to intolerance, we start to elevate the office of the president to a kingship. Is this disrepectful? Yes. Should the rodeo clown be punished? Possibly. A lifetime ban and all the outrage at this -- outrage that was not there when similar things were said and done regarding W -- is over the top. Frankly, it worries me.
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